Innisfree: Full Circle

Innisfree: Full CircleA collection of quiet contemporary music to soothe the soul and feed the spirit. Performed by Innisfree, a trio of two harps and a flute. (2003)$16.00 (postage paid)

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Track Listing:

1. December Afternoon (5:24)
2. Snowfall (4:48)
3. Meditation (4:40)
4. A Rose in Winter (3:25)
5. Dreams of Spring (4:51)
6. Quietude (5:40)
7. Pink Dogwood (4:44)
8. Brahm’s Lullaby (4:02) Listen to Sample
9. Quiet Evening (3:33)
10. Meadows (4:42)
11. Wild Mountain Thyme (4:55)
12. Moondance (4:05)
13. September Sorrow (4:29)
14. October Sunset (3:08)
15. So Be Ye Kind (2:58) Listen to Sample
16. Gratitude (3:33)
17. All Through the Night (4:29) Listen to Sample

Product Reviews

“Exquisite new recording by Innisfree…arresting sweetness and depth…a sure sense of being transported to a place of wonder.”  — More praise from Grace Griffith

“The perfect cure to relieve stress in your life and help you relax…an extraordinary recording with depth and spirit. ” — Keith Harancher, recording engineer

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