Innisfree: Celtic Dreams

Innisfree: Celtic Dreams“Celtic Dreams” is a highly acclaimed collection of traditional and contemporary Celtic tunes performed by Innisfree, a group of two harps and a flute. (1999)$16.00 (postage paid)

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Track Listing:
1. Roving Galway Boy (2:04) Listen to Sample
2. Wild Geese (3:17)
3. Water Spirit (3:16)
4. Lullaby for Quinn (3:04)
5. La Rotta/Chanter (2:25)
6. Skye Boat & Aran Boat Songs (4:02) Listen to Sample
7. Cricket’s Jig (2:09)
8. Fantasie on a Star (2:44)
9. Foggy Dew (2:21)
10. Carolan’s Dream (2:30)
11. Island Reverie (3:04)
12. Give Me Your Hand (3:17)
13. She Moved Through the Fair (5:15)
14. Fairie’s Song (1:32)
15. The Boatmen (3:15)
16. Morning Dove (4:25)
17. Maids of Mourne Shore (1:50)
18. Parting Glass (1:51)
19. Glendalough (3:41)
20. Ashokan’s Farewell (2:50)
21. Carrickfergus (3:29) Listen to Sample

Product Reviews
“With fingers that coax power and magic from harp strings and breath that sings through the silver flute, Marianna Nystrom, Tatiana Johanning and Kris Snyder render music to soothe the spirit and awaken the soul. With this enchanting collection of spell-binding original compositions and traditional Celtic tunes, they transport us to that lake from which they take their name where ‘the sounds by the shore’ touch ‘the deep heart’s core.’” — Praise from Grace Griffith, eleven-time WAMMIE winner (Washington Area Music and Musicians Award)

“The interplay between flute and harp, and between the two harps is subtle – the more I listened to the CD, the more I appreciated it. The ‘Skye Boat and Aran Boat Songs’ medley is one example of this lovely arranging, with a delicate interweaving of melody and harmony lines.” — Pamela Bruner, Folk Harp Journal, summer 1998

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