The Muses


The Muses HarpsIn 2005, friends and musicians came together to provide and evening of entertainment at the Harp & Fiddle in downtown York, PA. One evening performance turned into four and the group was born!

Muse can be defined as “a source of inspiration”. Each member of The Muses is an inspiration to the others – each musician is on a different journey in their lives, there are many different backgrounds and experiences in the ensemble, yet each one has chosen to pursue their music. The Muses hope to be an inspiration to you and encourage you to pursue your dreams!

The repertoire of The Muses is a blend of classical, Celtic, Judaic and Americana. They believe that music is a universal language – a language that unites all ages, races and nations. According to season, the group can perform appropriate holiday selections as well.

The Muses invite you to host a concert featuring them. This could be an excellent opportunity for your organization to plan a fund raising event around this activity. The harp ensemble is also available for community causes and general entertainment.

If you would like to bring The Muses to your location, please contact Director Kris Snyder at 717-235-4064 or email



Patty Collamer began studying classical piano when she was seven years old. Growing up in a family of musicians, she played the clarinet in the school band and violin in the orchestra. She often accompanied choral groups on the piano and string ensembles on the harpsichord. Beginning in 2007 she was able to fulfill a long time dream of playing the levered harp. She owns a Dusty Strings and especially enjoys playing with other harpers to share her love and appreciation of music.

Cindy Kelbaugh is a locally trained classical vocalist. In addition to singing with The Muses, she is a member of Jubilate! She is involved with Choral Ensemble, Singing for Our Supper and is a former member of Bel Canto Singers of York. Vocals and rhythm instruments.

Pam PisanoPam Pisano is a graduate of Hahneman/Drexel University. She was the Music Teacher for St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in Gettysburg, PA for over 23 years. She is the former Director of Music at St. Francis Xavier Church. Pam has sung with a variety of groups and has an extensive performance background with the piano and organ. She owns a Dusty Strings harp and has been taking harp lessons since 2000.

Kris SnyderKris Snyder is a fourth generation harper, arranger and composer with over 25 years musical experience – over 23 years with the harp. Kris has a large private harp-teaching studio in her home in Glenville, PA. Kris owns five harps: a Dusty Strings, a Heartland, a Steen, a Folkcraft and her great-grandmother’s Clark harp. She performs throughout the mid-Atlantic region at area festivals and for private events. She has been featured repeatedly as a soloist at “First Night York” and has performed and recorded with Innisfree: Celtic Dreams and Full Circle are available at and As a Certified Music Practitioner® (CMP), she works in area dementia units and has a private practice working with the ill and dying – providing prescriptive music at the bedside. Kris is the Vice President to the Board of Directors for the Music for Healing & Transition Program, the certifying program for CMPs. As of 2009, she is also an instructor for MHTP. Kris is the Musical Director for The Muses and the owner of The Elegant Touch.

Lucy StevensLucy Stevens was a private piano teacher for many years in the York area. Lucy became interested in the hammered dulcimer nearly 20 years ago and performed extensively with “Pennyroyal” for over 10 years at weddings, festivals and fairs throughout Central Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C. Lucy has been playing the folk harp for nearly the same amount of time, performing in a wide variety of venues. Lucy is working towards becoming a CMP (Certified Music Practitioner®) in 2011 joining other Muses Kris, Marianna, and Carolyn. She owns two Dusty Strings harps. Lucy is the Assistant Musical Director for The Muses. Harp and hammered dulcimer.

Carolyn TaylorCarolyn Taylor began playing the violin in 3rd grade and it has remained a constant in her life, receiving her degree from the University of Maryland in Music Education. Carolyn has a violin/viola teaching studio in her home in Glenville, PA. She also teaches music within the Southwestern School District. Carolyn has been a member of the Hanover Symphony for over 11 years. She has been taking harp lessons since 2003. She owns a Dusty Strings and she now performs with both instruments at her church and for weddings. Carolyn has recently received her certification from in the Music for Healing & Transition Program and is now a Certified Music Practitioner®. Harp, violin, and viola.

Monica TorenMonica Toren has been taking harp lessons since 2005 and is performing on a Dusty Strings. She has also recently received the very latest Heartland harp – made of carbon fiber. Monica has performed for weddings, in nursing homes, in church venues and has played her harp with her school’s music program.

Jeanne BehnkeJeanne Behnke was one of the founding members of the Muses. She is an extremely talented trained vocalist who performs everything from classical music to torch songs to big band to classic rock. We wish her all the best as she takes her talents to California!


Ruth Ann Burke

Ruth Ann Burke was also one of our original members.  It is with great sorrow that we share the news of her passing earlier in 2014.  She was a wonderful musician and a special friend to all.